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Grow, Score & Scale with findexable

findexable is the global data & analytics company for private market fintech. Firms use the Global Fintech Index and Fintech Diversity Radar indices to benchmark themselves with competitors and scale their growth & innovation strategy.


We work with companies to…

Grow – Digital strategy and content for organisations making their mark. 

Score – Customised market screening, data and insights for organisations driving innovation.

Scale – Tools for organisations powering connectivity and ecosystem growth.

See how clients and partners use our data for benchmarking and connectivity with the fintech ecosystem.

APIs & Digital Transformation


“When it comes to machine learning, API calls have tremendous benefit both internally and externally. By exposing data as a service, we can communicate very efficiently across many different lines of business and product lines,” says Adam Lieberman, Head of AI & ML, Finastra. APIs are the denim of the digital age – they’re everywhere. With over 4,000 financial services APIs, and counting, they’re transforming how data flows across the marketplace.

The Fintech Diversity Radar

The fintech promise for an even recovery

Fintech will play a central role in the post-COVID economy in expanding access to financial services, to support those most affected in society and to create a more diverse and sustainable marketplace, with financial products that cater for all demographics, everywhere. To realise the promise of fintech, we need data that is relevant, up to date and validated, combined with a transparent way in which to measure and monitor success.

Benchmarking Fintech Success at Scale

Survey and Report

This initiative builds on the early findings of the 2020 BFA Global’s Catalyst Fund and Tech for Growth report to deepen understanding of the barriers to fintech success across 4 fast-growing African markets. By creating a regional heatmap and report backed by data, the initiative will build a roadmap that can be used to benchmark progress for scaling Africa and UK-based technology firms to inform go-to-market and market-entry planning.

Spain Fintech Radar

Mapping Spain’s fintech ecosystem

findexble’s comprehensive map of fintech firms in Spain. The dataset includes a dedicated map of B2B and B2C firms headquartered in Spain as well as international firms with Spain-based operations. Dataset includes: 400+ companies defined across 14 Global Fintech Index categories and the primary technologies deployed by the firms.

Nordic Fintech and the Future of Finance


The strength of the Nordic fintech scene should come as no surprise – home to one in ten of the fintechs listed on the Global Fintech Index, the region is where some of the biggest names in financial technology first came to prominence: from Klarna and iZettle to Transferwise and Tink, all of which have their roots in northern Europe.

The Africa Fintech Radar 2021


The rise of fintech is stimulating innovation and economic growth across Africa. The development and strengthening of African fintech will further contribute to a digital Africa in which all individuals can flourish.
The Africa Fintech Radar will highlight the breadth of opportunity and innovation across Africa – raising awareness before a global audience of investors, potential partners and customers.

The Global Fintech Index 2020 City Rankings


The 1st fully global fintech index covering 230+ cities across 65 countries, The Global Fintech Index scores locations across several thousand data points on fintech companies registered on the Index map combined with metrics on local business infrastructure and fintech ecosystem quality, and data from findexable’s global partners including StartupBlink, Crunchbase, and SEMrush.