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About The Global Partnership Network

The Global Partnership Network (GPN) was launched in support of the Global Fintech Index, bringing together Fintech associations and related entities from across the world with the aim to ensure that the index remains relevant and continues to reflect the most significant trends and challenges within the industry.

It represents a commitment by all parties of mutual support in order to drive Fintech across the globe, in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Goals of The GPN

1 – To ensure that the GFI is and remains truly global in terms of representing fintech activity in its entirety as well as covering new trends and developments.

2 – To build meaningful ways to communicate with all Fintech stakeholders worldwide considering regional differences (as part of our overall strategy to create greater transparency and easy access to accurate, unvarnished data for the industry via the Index).

3 – To build a platform for Fintech related associations to exchange knowledge and best practice (for mutual benefit)

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The GPN is continually growing and developing.

This is your opportunity to help shape the future of Fintech around the world.

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