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Rooting for the core?

Next gen core banking providers find their feet – and start flying the flag. Despite its association with archive 1970s TV footage of closet-sized mainframe computing, fintechs are proving that core banking is anything but boring.

The winds of change blow through open Banking

Open Banking either mandatory or market-driven, is creating opportunities and threats. Here’s a global look at regulations, industry led initiatives, and implementations around the world, showing the dynamic nature of open banking.

APIs & Digital Transformation

APIs are the denim of the digital age – they’re everywhere. With over 4,000 financial services APIs, and counting, they’re transforming how data flows across the marketplace. But as Amazon proved digital transformation starts at home. Using APIs to drive internal transformation is as important as the latest millennial-friendly app…

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As we continue to grapple with the impact of Coronavirus on our lives and businesses, we need to get practical and take steps and build business resilience for the future.

Our focus is on crisis as well as opportunities. In the next few weeks we will talk about collaboration across the marketplace, and about what we have learned so far and what are the needs for the future: mindset, data, talent, leadership, technology and our ability to plan and prepare for future shocks.

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Next month we're launch the #FintechDiversityRadar - the world's first global platform gathering progressive data on #womeninfintech to understand their impact and contribution to the digital economy

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