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What we do

We are a global research and analytics firm on a mission to digitise investment in fast-growth and private market fintech. Regardless of location.

As we prepare for a world beyond the pandemic we think it’s vital – to ensure more innovators get to grow their businesses at scale. And that technology-powered financial services actively advances human progress.

That’s why we’re building a digital platform to provide real-time data for investors, institutions and market participants to score the performance and potential of private market firms around the world. Transparently and in real-time. Helping remove the hidden biases in venture investing that still exist today.

Our journey is just beginning. The Global Fintech Index is the world’s first real-time indexation of global fintech ecosystems and companies scoring the strength of fintech ecosystems globally across 85 countries and 260 cities using a proprietary algorithm, and proprietary datasets via a network of global partners.

In 2021 we  will be expanding the Index to include new datasets toward our goal of creating a real-time record of fintech activity – and building innovative analytics tools for investors and buyers of financial technology globally.

A global mission

The Global Fintech Index is designed to index and rank fintech activity globally – to highlight opportunities and drive transparency across the ecosystem.

By benchmarking fintech development across different regions worldwide, we’re on a mission to help innovators, financial institutions, government and investors understand how innovation is evolving, where to invest, and what it takes to build a thriving, progressive fintech ecosystem.