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The Global Fintech Diversity Scorecard


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In a world gone digital…

…we are on a mission to digitise the marketplace for buying and investing in private market fintech. In a digital-first world, we believe the location of fintech firms or lack of datasets to compare is no longer a justifiable barrier to the success of fast-growth and private market fintech firms.

Through The Global Fintech Index – our proprietary global database of fintech firms – and supported by data and analytics, we’re building a real-time scoring platform to help fintech firms improve their visibility – and make it easier for investors and institutions to find them. Regardless of their physical location.

Does benchmarking of fintech firms matter?

Connectivity is the engine of the digital economy. And fintech’s potential to lower the cost to serve, reconfigure trade and transaction flows, and accelerate financial inclusion is its fuel.

40% of fintech firms on the Global Fintech Index are based in non-traditional markets. Yet investing in scaling and high-growth fintech firms remains opaque, parochial and traditional. It’s time to make the world findexable.

A world ‘gone digital’ now needs a digital way to invest in technology. Help us to build it.


Dynamic comparison and benchmarking between cities, regions, countries and fintech companies

Objective, unmoderated

Rankings determined and updated using our proprietary algorithm

Digital, real-time

Live and online – using open data & data sharing to create a continuously updated index

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