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The Fintech Diversity Radar: Teaser

Next month findexable will be publishing the first Fintech Diversity Radar, a new report looking at the role that women play – or, rather, don’t play – in global fintech, and how our industry can build more balanced, inclusive and representative businesses for the future.

The report will reveal the on-the-ground reality behind headline EDI figures, to look at why only 14% of senior positions are occupied by women – and how that compares to more established financial institutions.

We’ll explore the relationship between funding success and the number of women founders, women executives and women board members at fintechs around the world – and how investors view the presence of women in the companies they work with.

We’ll also be looking at the role of women in different regions and different company types. Where do female founders secure the greatest share of funding? Where are women most likely to break out of marketing and HR to take on responsibility as CTO or CEO? And what happens to women at the top when companies grow?

Based on extensive new research, and contributions from an array of impressive women making waves in their respective fields, we will also explore why all this matters. Why it is important for individual women, to the companies they build, the customers they serve, and the economies they support.

The report is often surprising, and sometimes shocking. For an industry that is focused on the future of finance, there are some remarkably regressive patterns on show. But there are also pockets of optimism and progress in unexpected quarters. Nonetheless, more can and should be done to increase the visibility and success of women in fintech.

And so, critically, the Fintech Diversity Radar is also an initiative to build further inclusion and increase women’s presence in global finance at every level. With tracking tools and scorecards that draw on best practice and global experience, the Radar will give companies the ability to identify, plan and measure progress – and raise the bar for diversity throughout our sector.

To receive your free copy of the 2021 Diversity for Growth Report, register here.

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