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The Fintech Diversity Radar by findexable

A global initiative accelerating a progressive financial services industry

Executive Summary

Fintech – a global phenomenon with the power to remove barriers between previously disparate industries, increase access to financial services among poor and marginal communities, and knit the digital economy together – will play an essential role in the economic recovery in 2021 and beyond.

While evidence suggests fintech firms return more value to investors than fast-growing firms in other technology sectors, there are also fears that firms in the sector underperform their larger rivals in incumbent finance and technology in their employment of women in general – and in particular, by the proportion of women in positions of leadership.

The Fintech Diversity Radar will build the world’s first dataset on gender diversity in global fintech to enable scaling companies and incumbent peers benchmark progress and identify measurable steps to improve, through a series of cycles: a global survey, a real-time global market map and report, and the launch of a digital scorecard.