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API-yi-yay? Data, Bezos, and Feng Shui

Executive Summary

Feng Shui was all the rage in the 90s. Although not trending now, large corporations continue to spend on business Feng Shui consultants to improve internal communication, teamwork, alignment and more. From rearranging workspaces to adapting sustainability principles at work, mindfulness and more, so that internally, energy ‘flows better’.

APIs are the denim of the digital age – they’re everywhere. With over 4,000 financial services APIs, and counting, they’re transforming how data flows across the marketplace. But as Amazon proved digital transformation starts at home.

Using APIs to drive internal transformation is as important as the latest millennial-friendly app…

By replacing the concept of ‘energy’ with ‘data’ or data analytics the principle of Feng Shui has a lot to teach financial services organisations of any size. Internal Feng Shui-style transformations have the potential to remove barriers to internal communication and dismantle organisational siloes.