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Find yourself here. Meet The Global Fintech Index.

How great would it be to find a fintech index that gives you the world? Meet Findexable. 

Good data makes a difference.

Quite literally it can move markets. After hundreds of interviews and thousands of survey responses in the last 5 years we’ve come to one conclusion. Reliable data on fintech ecosystems – around the world, across regions, even within countries, is patchy. At best.

That’s why we’re building a global movement to identify, compare and track the development of fintech. Everywhere. In even the furthest corners of our planet. 

We want you to join us in our mission. And we think you’ll want to. 

Starting with the launch of the Global Fintech Index in October – the first fully global index of cities ranked by fintech activity – we’re working with a growing international coalition of partners, innovators and institutions to improve the availability and quality of information available on fintech companies and the ecosystems they inhabit. 

We know it’s ambitious and our journey starts today. Today we announce the first of our pioneering partners committed to working with us in our mission to make better fintech – for everyone, anywhere. 

Not because the world needs more banks – but because making financial services that look (a lot) more like the world we live in will give us the best chance to advance the digital economy, creating new opportunities for wealth creation, jobs and economic health everywhere, along the way. 
Now, how great would that be…? 

Simon Hardie
CEO Findexable

Women in fintech: How can data help?

“Future research should involve discovering the attitudes, personal experiences, expectations and understanding of individuals, as well as the current state of the market.” – Miranda McLean, Executive Board Member, EWPN.

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The Global Fintech Index by Findexable launches worldwide on 4 December 2019
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