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How great would it be? – Issue 2

Interview with Mónica De Greiff, Executive President, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

What are the gaps in fintech research in today’s digital environment?

We have gaps in the definition of figures and statistics by the industry. We need quality statistical instruments that allow us to identify the growth of the different fintech segments.

What are the key data and content needs of the industry?

  • Identify income linked to operations.
  • Define the fastest growing segments.
  • Establish the level of indebtedness of the industry.
  • Establish indexes of financial inclusion, through fintech.
  • Define a methodology of financial analysis to improve the industry, for future rounds of investment.
  • Define the number of jobs, provided from fintech.

Where do you see research and content development going? 

  • For the use of data, in terms of big data, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.
  • Additionally, everything related to blockchain in uses other than cryptocurrencies.

The Global Fintech Index by Findexable launches worldwide on 4 December 2019
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