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How great would it be? – Issue 7

Interview: Susanne Hannestad, CEO, Fintech Mundi

What do you see as the gaps in fintech research for the Nordic and Baltic region?

We would like to see more fact-based input on the number of fintech companies, particularly scale-ups, who make it from start-up to expanding their business globally. Another gap is a proper overview of banks working with fintech companies in the respective countries in the Nordic and Baltic market compared to the rest of the world. Funding is a scarcity for those fintech companies who are ready to scale fast and expand to other markets. A real-time overview of the investors and their investment in fintechs would be very useful.

What are the needs of the fintech sector in this region?

Funding, scaling and collaborating with banks are the biggest challenges for fintech companies in the Nordic region. Confidence in the region as the home of great innovation stands at 68% in 2019 according to a report released by Fintech Mundi and MagnaCarta Communications in June this year. 67% of fintech and financial services professionals surveyed in the region feel that Nordic and Baltic countries need greater access to investor capital to realise their potential. 52% believe greater bank openness to partnering will help the region become a global fintech hub.

Where do you see research and content development going?

A real-time overview of all fintech companies and activity globally would be great as well as access to data about banks partnering with fintechs and investors investing in fintech companies. An overview of all the fintech unicorns in the world and their journey to becoming a unicorn would also be useful. Collaboration is the new innovation.

The Global Fintech Index by Findexable launches worldwide on 4 December 2019
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