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GFI Data Council

Wouldn’t it be great if …we could all agree?

Data means many things to many people – highly sensitive, enormously helpful. Easily misrepresented.

At findexable we know that insights are only as good as the data that feeds them. And in turn that the data is only as useful as the standards they sit on.

And that’s why we’ve put together a global (and growing) network of Partners help us build and maintain the world’s first real-time fintech Global Fintech Index.


But that’s only part of the story.

We also realise that a useful, reliable index needs transparency and agreement on the standards, categories and definitions it’s using to categorise fintech activity. That’s where the Data Governance Council comes in.


No pollution.

The Council is designed to represent the diversity of the industry – helping to agree standards for the way fintech companies are classified and suggesting modifications to the Index algorithm as new datasets become available.

Importantly, at a time when data is too often used as a tool for manipulation, the Council will act as guardians – to ensure that new data, if introduced, doesn’t pollute our ecosystem scoring or interfere with Index rankings. That we are complying with the rules on data use and storage. And that industry insights are built on solid foundations.



The Data Governance Council Members

Yoni Arbel

Head of Treasury, Transferwise

Mark Bernfeld

Professor of Practice, Finance, Northeastern University

Antonia Esser

Engagement Manager, CENFRI

Bill Genovese

Former Vice President, Banking, Financial Markets, Huawei

Dr Angela Lyons

Director, Center for Economic & Financial Education, University of Illinois

Lukas May

Former Head of International Expansion, TransferWise

Mark Montoya

Chief Data Officer, Government Blockchain Association

Inez Murray

Chief Executive Officer, Financial Alliance for Women

Syed Musheer Ahmed

Founder, FinStep Asia

Camilla Nestor

Associate Professor, Columbia University

Sebastián Olivera

Founder, Montevideo FinTech Forum

Dr Jane Thomason

Industry Associate, Centre for Blockchain Technology, UCL

Juan Jiménez Zaballos

Head of Financial Industry Transformation, Banco Santander