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Diversity Radar Advisory Board

Susanne Hannestad

Chair of the Board

CEO, Fintech Mundi. Ambassador Nordics and Baltics, findexable


Susanne Hannestad is CEO of Fintech Mundi, Chairman at Neonomics and Board Director at Crunchfish, Blippit and Monty Mobile.

She is former Executive Chairman at Zwipe, Chairman at Payr and was Board Director at Nordax and MasterCard Europe. Prior to joining Fintech Mundi, Susanne was Director at Nordea Finance and Head of Cards at Nordea. Susanne is also Regional Ambassador, Nordics and Baltics at Findexable.


“By numbers alone, across many advanced markets, women are now better represented in financial services firms than ever. However, there is still a long way to go.”

Julia Arnold

Senior Director, Gender and Financial Inclusion, Center for Financial Inclusion


As the Senior Director, Gender and Financial Inclusion at the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion International, Julia leads research and helps frame discussions within CFI as well as within the inclusive finance industry, and supports the overall management of CFI in collaboration with other senior leads at CFI. She leads a diverse research team that builds on and defines new areas of knowledge and evidence, including financial capability, digital literacy, and social norms and financial inclusion.

Before joining CFI, Julia was a Financial Inclusion and Livelihood Specialist at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). In this role she designed, led and supported research evaluations on women’s economic empowerment. Prior to this, she was a Financial Inclusion Consultant working with a diverse range of clients such as MetLife Foundation, where she provided financial inclusion expertise for planning and execution of the Global Inclusion Plus Summit in New York, CGAP, the World Bank, CFI, and others.

Julia holds a Master’s degree in International Development from American University in Washington, DC.

Denise Gee

Co-founder & MD, findexable


Denise co-founded findexable in 2019, a data analytics start-up which has launched the world’s first real-time fintech benchmark aiming to make it easier for buyers of innovation to invest or buy technology in every corner of the world, and to provide visibility to fintech companies previously overlooked.

She is leading the Fintech Diversity Radar – an initiative to drive diversity in fintech.She is also co-founder and managing director of MagnaCarta Communications, a fintech consultancy and research house, and Director of Fintech Mundi, a global fintech accelerator.

Before establishing her own business, she held executive positions as Global Transformation Lead at BP and served as Head of Corporate Communications for Visa’s CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.


“I have spent my entire career in male-dominated environments in television news, defence, oil, payments and fintech. It is in fintech where I know we can finally make a difference – borne from a desire to level the playing field by using digital innovation to create cheaper, more transparent and accessible financial services for all.”

Anne Lochoff

Former Senior Advisor, UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development


Anne is one of 9 Women rated as the Top Global Influencers of Tech Innovation in Cities featured in in 2016.

She was previously an advisor to the UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Development and has consulted as a strategic business advisor to the Executive Director of the World Vision hosted Asia P3 Hub based in Singapore.

She is also the former chair and business advisor at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Beachheads network – South East Asia.

As a former Executive Director at McCann Erickson she was part of the global team managing the MasterCard account for APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa).


“The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on how digital financial inclusion can be harnessed to respond to the crisis. I believe we have an opportunity to build a fairer post Covid-19 economy. To support policy makers, governments, and organisations in their decision-making going forward, we need real-time data on women in fintech to understand their impact and contribution to the global digital economy.”

Betsy Ludwig

Executive Director Women‘s Entrepreneurship, Northeastern University


Betsy has over 25 years of international experience as an executive, investor and management consultant in start-ups and large multinationals. Her core area of expertise is launching innovative products with operational excellence in a rapidly changing, global landscape.

Her passions are innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship which she now develops and implements in an academic setting with a particular focus on gender diversity. Betsy holds a BA in Economics from Trinity College and an MBA from INSEAD.

Audrey Mothupi

CEO, SystemicLogic Group


Audrey is the CEO of SystemicLogic Group, a global financial innovation and technology disruptor with a leading edge in execution in emergent business models. Audrey’s experience spans across various business domains including group strategy, talent design, marketing and communications strategy, integrated with strong corporate relationship management.

Previously, Audrey served as the head of inclusive banking at Standard Bank Group where her division was awarded the 2013 BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Award for innovation in societal and community impact and was responsible for migrating 3.5 million Standard Bank customers onto a consolidated SAP platform during her former position as director of Banking and Lending products.

Audrey was the chief executive of Strategic Services at Liberty Group, one of the largest financial services companies in South Africa.


“What gets measured gets done. Fintech Diversity Radar is about ensuring Women in Tech is not just an ongoing call to action , but a reality, in inclusivity lies the secret to success and that’s why FinTech Diversity Radar is a necessity.”

Rebecca Ruf

Executive Vice President, Programs, Financial Alliance for Women


“Fintechs are uniquely positioned to solve for many of the pain points that women experience in financial services. The Fintech Diversity Radar is a critical first step in understanding where the fintech industry is in tapping into this huge opportunity.”

Angela Yore

MD & Founder, Sky Parlour


Angela is an entrepreneur, PR leader and an influencer in the Fintech sector. Since co-founding SkyParlour in 2009, she has raised the profile of 100s of brands from dynamic start-ups to market leaders in the fintech, mobile, technology and ecommerce sectors.

Angela sits on various Advisory Boards including the Emerging Payments Association, Fintech Connect and the European Women Payments Network. She is the Chair of The Inclusion Foundation Executive Committee and a Governor of Wilmslow High School. She believes passionately in citizenship, the power of communities coming together and striving to make the world a better place.

Angela loves being an international speaker and presenter with previous engagements at world class events including Money2020, Finnovate, Fintech Connect, Internet Retailing and Pay360.

She is a Chartered Marketer from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


“Entitlement no longer matters. What matters is your ability to triumph. The findexable Diversity Radar will allow us to put a mirror up to the biases in the Fintech sector, and with the power of the data, we will change the pendulum to one of equality for all. Too little too late is no longer an option.”

Xiaochen Zhang

President, Fintech4Good


Xiaochen is a senior innovative finance, investment, and technology executive with an extensive track record of investing in disruptive technologies and driving the success of sustainable businesses across the globe. Listed as one of the Top 100 Blockchain Influencers by Lattice80, Xiaochen leads the design and implementation of FinTech4Goods’s strategy to introduce the most disruptive technological innovations in frontier markets.

FinTech4Good was awarded the Best FinTech Impact Investing Network 2019 and 2020 by Wealth & Finance International. As a trusted figure in the digital economy and blockchain, he addressed 100+ high-level international forums as a keynote speaker and produced three blockchain and Fintech shows with 500K+ followers. He worked with many portfolio companies in launching new offers, entering into new markets and building transformative collaborative initiatives with the most reputable organizations from all over the world.

He serves as an trusted advisor for many international platforms such as UN ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) Executive Council, World Digital Economy Council, Inter-America Development Bank, Astana International Finance Center, Israeli Blockchain Association, Crowdfunding Professional Association and FedTech. In the past 18 years, Xiaochen has built strong collaborations with government agencies, multinational organizations, and financial institutions through work with the World Bank, United Nations and many other international platforms.


“It is our mission to empower women through fintech and blockchain innovations and make the SDG5 a reality. With the fintech Diversity Radar, fintech companies will be able to learn from the best, compare their own performance against other companies and identify missing opportunities to gain long term competitiveness. This work has a potential to make a great impact to the fintech industry. We are very proud to be part of this great initiative.”

Alessandra Zorzato

CMO, findexable


Alessandra’s experience in events, marketing and communications spans 20 years, 5 continents and many industry sectors. She has worked with some of the biggest global brands in the private and public sectors including The Economist, the UN, the WEF, numerous governments, and world-renowned museums and universities.


“In order to be successful, businesses must be diverse and inclusive – ‘could’ or ‘should’ is no longer an option.”

The Fintech Diversity Radar Executive Team

Anette Broløs

Independent FinTech analyst and facilitator


Dr Anette Broløs is an independent FinTech analyst and experienced network leader working with strategic innovation and partnerships.  Anette holds an industrial PhD in collaborative innovation and has a background in economics (master and e-mba).

Anette has extensive work experience in finance including six years as CEO in Copenhagen FinTech Innovation and Research. Together with Dr. Erin B. Taylor, she is an EWPN Research Lead and the author of  Female Finance: Digital, Mobile, Networked 2020.


“Financial services are undergoing a major transformation building new infrastructures, new ways of working with customers and new business models. This is a great chance to change the ecosystems to build inclusive and diverse communities. The basis for this is knowledge and measurement standards, so of course I could not resist being part of the Fintech Diversity Radar project.”

Chisom Ezeilo

Diversity & Inclusion Analyst, findexable


With proven track records and a deep interest in Fintech research, Chisom has carried out several academic and professional researches across relevant Fintech areas like regulations, diversity and inclusion, financial inclusion, and stock market investing.

Through core modules like Financial & Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship in Fintech Chisom has extensive knowledge on how to stand out within the Fintech industry.

Sorcha Mulligan

Founder, The SMEChain. Ambassador SDGs, findexable


Sorcha is Founder of The SMEChain and FinTech & Blockchain Consultant addressing the SME Digital & Equality Divide through driving SDGs over GDP. She supports FinTech & Blockchain Platforms who are seeking to achieve growth through Investment, Joint Venture Partnerships & direct Client Acquisition. Essentially, Sorcha works to match leaders with other leaders who can work together to achieve a combined, aligned objective in their field. EQ with IQ is the winning formula.


“Equality, inclusion & contribution of diversity & diverse opinion is not only a pivotal SDG it is a pivotal cornerstone for progress, equitable prosperity & the foundation of the future we should commit to invest in.”

Sebastiàn Olivera

Founder, Montevideo FinTech Forum & Ambassador Latin America & Iberia, findexable


Sebastián is a Uruguayan CPA with more than 16 years of experience in financial markets in Latin América, Europe, USA & APAC.

He is the founder and first president of the Uruguayan Fintech Chamber, the co- founder and the first vice president of the IberoAmérica Fintech Alliance.

He Is also the founder of the Montevideo Fintech Forum, first fintech forum in Southern Cone and the co-founder of Iberoamerican Women in Fintech Network.

He has more than 8 years of academic experience as a professor of Digital Banking and Fintech, Strategy, Marketing and Management.


“Of the 1.7 billion adults who remain unbanked, 58% are women. Imagine what the socio economic effect would be if we could include all these people. It is not about including people to a consumption system, it is about improving the quality of life and generating economic citizenship. Inclusion and recognition of diversity are not just moral imperatives, they represent a massive business opportunity. Not addressing the gender & diversity gap in terms of founding, products, wages and opportunities is not only lack of vision but mostly lack of education.”

Linda Saye

Founder & CEO, The Diverse Agenda


Linda is an award-winning diversity and inclusion consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker who is passionate about the idea that strength lies in our differences. She is often recognized as a change agent, a thought leader, a strong collaborator, and someone who can influence all levels in an organization – from the C-Suite on down – to make needed changes in the corporate environment and culture. Linda has spent the last 12 years focused on diversity & inclusion initiatives in the financial services and FinTech space and is the Founder & CEO of The Diverse Agenda, a consulting firm focused on helping companies – and especially startups – put D&I best practices in place to impact change.


“I know for sure that fintech is an industry uniquely primed to impact change. Diverse teams are more innovative, more resilient, and more productive. FinTech organizations with more diverse teams hold a competitive advantage and offer products and services that enable financial services that are more inclusive for everyone, including women. It’s a win-win. The FinTech Diversity Radar will shine a light on those getting it right and offer a way to share best practices for those who want to do better. Now is the time to make it happen.”

Erin Taylor

Founder & Principal Consultant, Canela Consulting


Dr. Erin B. Taylor is co-founder of Canela Consulting, a research and insights agency specialising in ‘messy human problems’. Erin has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Sydney, Australia, and specialises in understanding human financial behaviour in all its dimensions, from emotional to sociocultural to technical.

Along with Dr. Anette Broløs, Erin is co-author of the report “Female Finance: Digital, Mobile, Networked” (EWPN/Keen Innovation 2020) and co-leads the EWPN’s research network.


“Women face a dual disadvantage when it comes to their finances: they are less likely to have received financial education than their brothers, and there is a substantial wealth gap between men and women. Fintech has potential to give women a helping hand – but only if services are designed with women’s needs, preferences, and circumstances in mind. To create women-centric services, fintechs need diverse teams to carry out research and service design. But, as we all know, female employment in fintech is very low. By mapping out women’s roles in fintech, the Fintech Diversity Radar promises to show us the true picture of gender diversity in fintech and point to ways in which improvements can be made. It stands to benefit not only women, but society in general.”