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March 2021

Do women-led fintech firms perform better?

Fintech Diversity Radar will let data do the talking

Diverse teams build more valuable companies – that we know. But is fintech missing out on the opportunity?

The Fintech Diversity Radar is building the world’s first dataset on diversity in fintech globally:

  • to benchmark fintech innovators and institutions
  • to identify progress in building a diverse financial services industry
  • to help firms improve gender balance across their businesses

Raise and praise (not name and shame!)

How can you help? Play your part in bridging the gender divide by taking part in our survey here (names and company details will not be released in the research) to get access to the report and digital scorecard launching in August 2021.

For fintechs

  • We invite you to participate in this fully anonymised survey aimed at all privately owned fintech firms and benefit from the findings outlined in a complimentary report launched in August.

Do you work in a bank or large tech firm?

  • The research also targets financial institutions and large incumbent financial service providers, through both quantitative and qualitative data gathering, which we will share shortly.

If you are a Chief People Officer who is making, and indeed, seeing the marked difference that diversity makes in your organisation, get in touch with us at

March 2021

Meet our report authors

First dataset on gender diversity sets a path for progress

The Fintech Diversity Radar is the world’s first data set on gender diversity in global fintech. The findings of this initiative will be summarised in a report, which will benchmark progress in diversity and identify areas for improvement. The authors of the report, Dr Erin B. Taylor and Dr Anette Broløs, have carried out extensive research on women in finance and now add their expertise to the field of fintech. The report is due for release in August 2021.

March 2021

The Kalifa Review on fintech indices

Recommendation: “Create a global family of fintech indices to improve understanding and enhance visibility of the sector, as well as attract index tracking hedge funds and investors.”

Our view:

by Simon Hardie, Co-founder and CEO

“The Kalifa Review makes a vital point. Investors in fintech today are beset by a range of challenges – of market knowledge, geography, company scale, even of industry classification that continues to evolve. Moves to standardise the way we classify, categorise and invest in fintech – coupled with more reliable data on the fintech landscape – are essential to scale and digitise investment in a marketplace that is becoming systemically important.”