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Diversity Champion And Serial Fintech Founder Ezechi Britton Joins Findexable Board

Founding Member of Impact X Capital, the UK’s first venture capital fund to prioritise underrepresented entrepreneurs and Code Untapped, a digital skills accelerator focused on diversity.

FINDEXABLE, the company behind the world’s first real-time index of fintech companies, hubs and supporting organisations across 250+ cities, announced today that Ezechi Britton has joined its board.

Britton will provide strategic advice for FINDEXABLE’s continued development as a platform for collaboration, research and innovation for governments, entrepreneurs and investors in financial technologies. Most recently, FINDEXABLE has announced the launch of a jobs board for those seeking to hire fintech talent, and the Fintech Diversity Radar, the world’s first global platform gathering data on women in fintech.

He is currently a Founding Member, Principal and CTO in Residence at Impact X Capital Partners LLP, a venture fund focused on supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs. He is also the Co-Founder of Code Untapped, a digital skills accelerator that identifies, upskills and places underrepresented technologists through their innovation labs events and Codescape platform. In 2014, he co-founded Neyber, a multi-award-winning fintech firm focused on financial wellbeing which was sold to Salary Finance in 2020. He advises a number of boards, including UK IT Leaders Network, and the Albany Group.

Denise Gee, Co-founder and Managing Director of FINDEXABLE, said: “Ezechi is a highly respected entrepreneur whose counsel will help focus our growth strategy as we seek to build data tools for investors, fintech entrepreneurs and buyers of financial technology. Poor quality data on fintech firms is a significant roadblock to fintech success – slowing access to the capital that innovators need to scale, and limiting our ability to build a financial services marketplace that serves the needs of the real world. Real-time data can enable us to understand how and where action needs to be taken to improve financial services and play a part in building an industry that looks more like the world it serves. Ezechi’s passion and track record in changing the face of fintech is inspirational and we are delighted to have him onboard.”

Commenting on his appointment, Ezechi Britton said: “Why is diversity important? Innovation, Relevance, Access to Talent and Talent retention. Plus it’s just the right thing to do!

But before we can solve the lack of diversity problem we need to understand it and the first step in that journey is collecting data. FINDEXABLE is at the forefront of this data movement which is why I am so honoured and excited to join the team. I look forward to seeing the positive changes that we can drive together.

FINDEXABLE has created The Global Fintech Index to collect, assemble and sort the world’s fintech data using real-time technology, to make it easier for any organisation in the fintech ecosystem to benchmark themselves against their peers. By benchmarking fintech development across the world’s regions, we help innovators, financial institutions, government and investors understand how fintech is evolving, where to invest, and what it takes to build a thriving, progressive fintech ecosystem.

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